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refuses to fade away..

Jake Abel, Max Irons and author Stephenie Meyer at a signing for The Host held at The Grove in Los Anglels, CA. (March 15).

You are the noblest, purest creature I’ve ever met. The universe will be a darker place without you

Anonymous: hi, i was wondering if there's way that i can download that last fanfic that you posted?? i'm not used to read fanfic on this website :c

hii, i don’t really know, sorry:( i read it on that webside, both on my phone and computer, worked fine:)

Max Irons photographed by Mairi-Luise Tabbakh for Fault Magazine

why can’t this fanfic the be official sequel for the host, it’s so perfect

I wouldn’t go down the route of having an assistant. I don’t want to be like that. I want to be normal. 

Happy 20th Birthday, Saoirse Una Ronan!

I am always very passionate about making films that I am drawn to, ones that really strike a chord with me. I never want to make a film for any other reason.

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